Ruslamere is a renowned conference destination. With 7 conference venues we know one or two facts about conferencing.  After reading up about this year’s mining conference held at CTICC Cape Town, we quickly noticed how the future planning of conferences is changing.

For starters you will not be allowed to enter without a valid Delegate mining badge obtained VIA registration beforehand. This is to insure a freer, uncluttered feel during the conference.

Besides that the general planning of conferences are changing to insure delegates are more comfortable for an entire day, and in a way insure that they bring return business via referral.

According to our own experience these fact have an undeniable effect on how successful your conference venue will be, and will ultimately determine how different companies will use you in the future.

This is most likely the one fact that will determine how well you get rated and how likely any company will be using you again. A venue in itself can be horrible but easily overlooked when you have terrific service and the venue can often be forgiven for not being up to scratch.

An easily over looked issue commonly found these days. A fully functioning air conditioner with a working thermostat that can keep the temperature in a room consistently the same as was set in the beginning is vital.  Too often the temperature is too hot, too humid or too cold. While it’s not always possible to please everyone, it should not be impossible to get an acceptable temperature that will make all delegates comfortable for an entire day.

If we avoided every request for mineral or filtered water we would most likely not be in business. It is worth your while to invest in a water filtration system if you have not already done so. This way you can keep everyone happy and bottle you own filtered mineral water.

Not to be all biblical but when you get hit on the one side of your chin, turn the other.

The client/delegate is always right regardless.  The sooner you accept this fact the better off you will be.

We hope that 2014 will be great opportunity for conference venue’s and delegates alike.

Remember to do the right thing. Then do the right thing again.

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