• Durbanville has a uniquely ‘rural’ feel, which we love. We are surrounded by farms and vineyards. “Durbanville is arguably one of the best groomed and well looked after residential, business and agricultural areas in Cape Town today. Many exciting developments have taken place here over the past few years, at the same time however, Durbanville has managed to retain it’s lush and greenery and rural atmosphere which makes the area so attractive.”


  • Durbanville is home to the Cape Hunt and Polo club. We have our own Polo Crosse fields. It’s all very posh. I used to have horses when I grew up and have done quite a few shows at the equestrian club. Dressage, show jumping and eventing. I wasn’t very good, but I did win a few prizes


“There is a distinct difference between the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town, and, as with many cities divided by a river or other landmark, Cape Town has an imaginary line the locals call ‘the boerewors curtain’.”

The accusation is that the northern suburbs is full of Afrikaans yokels who braai for breakfast, lunch and supper. Usually drinking their brandy and cokes, watching rugby, and walking around shirtless with their big beer bellies belching over their polyester safari shorts. Although there are a few of those around, Durbanville is becoming increasingly more English.

“Ask any resident of Cape Town and the major distinction between the northern and southern suburbs will be language – English-speaking people live in the south and Afrikaans-speaking people live in the north – but this is a sweeping generalisation and doesn’t take into account the obvious exceptions to the rule.”


  • Durbanville has one of the best quality drinking water in the world. Ok, this is not unique to Durbanville, but a fact of the entire country. We drink water straight from the tap and it is delicious!


  • Although Durbanville falls in a winter rainfall region, it has a typical Mediterranean climate. Cold, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Spring and Autumn bring perfect balmy days, ideal weather conditions for being outside.

Average Winter Temperatures: 18.5°C (65.3F)
Average Summer Temperatures: 24.3°C (75.7F)
Average Annual Rainfall: 350 to 400mm


  • And then because crime is such a big issue in South Africa, let me share with you the second most important reason why we choose to live in Durbanville …

“As the area has a very low crime rate it has become very popular and the price of residential property has increased over 400% in the last five years and is still growing.” – taken from Wikipedia

“…suburb of Durbanville which is rated as having the lowest crime rate in Cape Town”

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